Bellafill Okemos & East Lansing, MI

What It Is

Bellafill is a dermal filler, which can have an immediate and long-lasting effect. It delivers, by injection, bovine collagen for immediate filling and microspheres which work with your body’s natural collagen to build and support the layers that support your skin – for a lasting effect.

How It Works

Bellafill is composed of non-absorbable micro-spheres suspended in a collagen matrix. Those microspheres stimulate collagen which lasts for years. Bellafill is most often used to reduce smile lines and major facial wrinkles or folds.

Is Bellafill Painful?

Bellafill is injected into the treatment site via needle-tip, which means some patients may be a little nervous about any pain or discomfort. Bellafill itself contains lidocaine and your Ageless Beauty technician can numb the area with ice or a topical cream, which can ensure you feel more comfortable throughout your procedure. It’s really that simple!

What Is The Recovery Time?

Bellafill doesn’t require any downtime, which means you should be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. You may find that the injection site feels a little bruised or sensitive. That’s perfectly normal and should disappear after a couple of days. Your results will appear within two weeks and should last for a few years, making it a great long-lasting solution for busy clients.

Take The First Step

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