Forever Young BBL

What It Is

Forever Young Broadband Light (BBL) uses visible and infrared light for a nonablative therapy which is designed to rejuvenate the skin on the face, chest, neck, forearms, legs, and hands.

How It Works

The light therapy penetrates the skin without visibly wounding the skin surface to address sun damage, age spots, wrinkled skin, irregular pigmentation, spider veins, and skin redness from conditions such as rosacea and acne. BBL therapy is a gentle solution which minimizes downtime. The variables of treatment considered are the degree of current damage, size of the area, and general skin condition.

Is Forever Young BBL Painful?

Forever Young BBL uses infrared light technology to target your complexion woes; this means you should only expect to feel a slight warming sensation in the area where the treatment is focused. Your skin may feel a little sensitive after the procedure, but this won’t last any longer than a couple of days.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Forever Young BBL doesn’t require any downtime, so you can return to your normal routine immediately after your treatment. However, you’ll have to adapt your skincare routine to protect your newly sensitive skin. For example, it’s recommended that you wear plenty of sunscreen (even during the winter) and protect exposed skin with clothing or a hat. This prevents the formation of any additional hyperpigmentation.

Take The First Step

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