Un-Peel Skin Treatment

What It Is

The Un-Peel skin treatment is an alkaline-based skin treatment that is in the category of a facial peel. Most peels are acid based but the Un-Peel is a far less invasive peel.  It offers immediate results and is kinder and less damaging to your skin. It helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, makes pores appear much smaller, and improves skin tone.

How It Works

Your skin is quickly exfoliated to reveal younger and more hydrated skin. New cells are produced at an accelerated rate. The overall structure and function of the skin are reinforced at the critical dermal/epidermal junction (the place where the stem cells are re-generated). Critical skin fiber activity is significantly enhanced.

Darlene Says…

Love this product! With just a short treatment you will experience absolutely no downtime, no skin sloughing off, minimal redness and no pain. This is a great product for those clients with super sensitive skin.

Take The First Step

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