The Pillowcase

What It Is

The Pillowcase is indicated for patients experiencing sleep lines (party-hat lines) or have undergone some traumatic or surgical skin treatments such as a facelift, aggressive chemical peel or laser treatment.

How It Works

As a person sleeps on a normal pillowcase (cotton, silk or satin) the fabric will absorb the moisture that naturally leaves the person’s skin and is transferred into the fabric.

The fabric will now adhere to the skin, and as the head is pressed into the pillow the skin is stretched and this weakens the dermal collagen.

As the sleeper moves his or her head about creases are formed in the fabric and then are transferred as sleep lines to the skin.

It is The Pillowcases’ ability to wick away most of the moisture and deliver some moisture back to the skin of the face, without creating creases in the fabric that causes the comfortable, wrinkle-free sleep.

Darlene Says…

The Pillowcase is the best gift for the person who has everything.

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