Skin Issues

We all have skin issues. You love who you are, but you just can’t get past that one facial imperfection that seems to shout back at you from the mirror. You are magnifying this imperfection. The people around you don’t see you that way. If you are fixated on an imperfection and use ugly terms like “turkey neck or peanut head” to describe yourself – it is time to love yourself enough to take action. Check out this list of the most common negative terms for skin complaints and possible treatment options.

Skin Issues Okemos

Scowl Lines

Scowl Lines Okemos & East Lansing, MIForehead lines between your eyes, commonly known as “Bitchy Resting Face” makes you seem unapproachable and angry. Others call it having the “ones” to signify the vertical lines between the brows.

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Botox | Xeomin

Crow’s Feet

Crinkles at the corner of your eyes; sometimes called laugh lines. For some of us, these are no laughing matter.

Preferred products or solutions:
Botox | Xeomin

Bunny Lines

Bunnies are cute but the lines that show up when you wrinkle your nose are not.

Preferred products or solutions:
Botox | Jeuveau | Xeomin


Clinically known as the nasal labial fold, the “parenthesis” are a dramatic sign of aging.

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Juvederm – Voluma | RHA3

Marionette Face

Marionette Face Okemos

More pronounced lines which create a sad face look in this very thin skin.

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Tired Baggy Eyes

Tired Baggy Eyes Okemos

“Can I get somebody to carry those bags for you?” Baggy eyes or under eye discoloration can happen at any age.

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Saggy Face

Saggy Face Okemos & East Lansing, MIDoes your face look like it is melting? This loss of volume may be caused by age, weight loss, poor skin care, or in marathon runners.

Preferred products or solutions:
Juvederm – Voluma | Bellafill

Peanut Head

Peanut Head Okemos & East Lansing, MIThis face reminds us of the Mr. Peanut head cartoon. This comes from the hollowed temples – sure sign of aging, especially with thinner faced aging people.

Preferred products or solutions:
Bellafill Juvederm – Voluma

Skinny Lips

Does your lipstick bleed into the fine lines surrounding your lips? This can be caused by the sucking motion from smoking or drinking from straws.

Preferred product or solution:
Juvederm – Voluma | Juvederm | RHA3


Big flaps of skin on your jawline are often due to bone loss underneath and saggy skin from a loss of elasticity.

Preferred products or solutions:
Bellafill | Juvederm – Voluma (with methods of injections that will create support for this non-elastic skin)

Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck OkemosStart with good skin care at home. Caution: Using foaming soaps will take away your natural skin moisture faster than you can say gobble, gobble.

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Crepey Neck

Here is the bad news, this condition is hereditary, and can be accelerated with poor skin care and sun damage.

Preferred product or solution:
Bellafill | Vi Peel

Chicken Neck

This is loose wrinkly skin on the neck, it may come with normal aging but people with rapid weight loss will also squawk about “chicken neck.”

Preferred product or service:
Arque Derma injection technique with Juvederm-Voluma to pull it up

Old Lady/Old Man Hands

This is a sure giveaway of age, hands that look veiny with sun spots and age spots.

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Spotty Hands

Sometimes our hands just look spotty from age spots and hyper-pigmentation.

Preferred products or solutions:
Treatments for discoloration | Laser Skin Care products | Vi Peel

Party Hat Lines

Looks like you wore a Party Hat with elastic for too long.  Comes from sleeping on your face and pushes the skin into a wrinkle.

Preferred product or solution:
Juvederm – Voluma

Décolleté Damage

If you are avoiding those low cut dresses or tops because of wrinkles or sunspots.

Preferred products or solutions:
Vi Peel

Pizza Face Acne

skin-issue-4 OkemosAt any age, acne can cause serious damage to the skin, including scarring and discoloration.

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Back Acne

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. In fact, because you can’t see it may make it worse.

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Easy to blush or broken capillaries doesn’t mean you are just shy. It may be a sign of Rosacea.

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HydraFacial | Glacial Rx

Dull, Lifeless Skin

A sign of aging that you don’t have to take lying down. You can look younger than you are.

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Skin care products | Vi Peel